Trade in for store credit to get 25% more!



    You can package your bulk by making bundles of 400 and popping them in a sandwich bag. This will prevent cards from sliding around during transit.

    You can use Australia Posts boxes to fit your bulk appropriately.

    Cards should all be facing right way up, facing up in the right direction.

    We offer x% postage depending on the quantity up to $25.

    On large items, if you’re in an eligible area and able to print a label and leave your parcel on your front door step we can organise postage for you.

    If you opt for store credit, You will gain additional x% towards your overall total. Once the deal is made, I will grant you a one time use code to use on anything throughout the site. You can purchase at any time. I will send out your product once your package has been received and verified

    I accept English, Near Mint & Genuine cards only at this stage. I do not accept WC (World Championship) cards

    Upon form submission, i’ll reach out to you via FaceBook or Email to confirm postage depending on the quantity you’re sending. Once both parties are happy, We will Pay you before you send.

    That’s totally fine. we can sort for you. Postage will be your responsibility. A 20% sorting fee will be deducted from the total count. Once all is sorted, you be promptly paid.