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3x Pokemon Cards bulk EX/GX/V + shiny/holo guaranteed all killer no filler!



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Hi guys, congrats on stumbling across the best Pokemon store. These bundles are great for stocking fillers, birthday bags, collectors, making decks and much MUCH more. Unsure if it’s suitable for you? Flick us a message and let us guide you in the right direction!

Pokemon Cards Premium Bundles, Ultimate Pack! Containing:

  • Guaranteed Three (3) V or GX or EX or MEGA EX or VMAX or Full Art or Hyper Rare or Secret Rare Card!
  • 3x Mix of Holographic/Black Star Rare/Reverse Holographic

Cards are from multiple generations (Series) such as XY, Sun & Moon (SM) Sword & Shield (SWSH) and we try to make sure there are some of the newer sets in there such as

  • Vivid Voltage
  • Battle Styles
  • Champions Path

We are an Australian Company who strive to provide the best service out there. We are collectors ourselves and pride ourselves in giving it our all. We endeavour to provide nothing but the best quality, with premium packaging delivered securely to your door.

Our stock is sourced through known Australian Distributors so you can rest easy knowing you are buying genuine, quality, near mint product!

  • Holographic – The picture will have a wicked cool shine on it
  • Reverse Holographic – Everything but the picture will have a super awesome shine on it
  • Rare – Bottom left/right of the card will have a BLACK STAR on it, indicating it is a rare card

Thank you for reading this far. Check out our store for many other premium bundles. Have a great day!

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