200 Pokemon Cards Bulk Lot Bundle | 1x Ultra Rare EX + 24 Rares & Rev Holo

These bundles are great for stocking fillers, getting back into collecting, birthday bags, collectors, making decks and much MUCH more. 

200 Card Ultra Pokemon Pack Containing:

  •       1x Ultra Rare EX Card from the NEW Scarlet & Violet (SV) Series!
  •       24x Mix of Holo/Non Holo Rare/Shiny
  •       130x Common/Uncommon Pokemon Cards
  •       45x Energies for ultimate deck building!

Hey there, amazing folks! We’re a proud Australian Company dedicated to giving you the most fantastic experience ever. Just like you, we’re big fans of collecting, and we pour our heart into making sure you get nothing but the best.

Our mission? To bring you top-notch quality and excitement right to your doorstep. We’ve got your back with premium packaging that’s like a treasure chest, all wrapped up safely and delivered with a big smile.

Guess what? All our goodies are handpicked from trusted Australian Distributors. Yep, that means you’re getting the real deal – genuine, high-quality stuff that’s as good as gold!

Now, let’s talk about some card magic:

  • Holographic: Picture this – a card that shines like a star in the sky. Seriously, it’s wicked cool!
  • Shiny/Reverse Holographic: Everything except the picture glows with awesomeness. How cool is that?
  • Rare: Look for the BLACK STAR – it’s like a secret mark of awesomeness on the card!

Oh, and just so you know, sometimes you might find some duplicates in the mix. But that’s part of the fun, right?

Thanks a million for hanging in there and reading all this. Want more awesomeness? Check out our store for bundles that’ll blow your mind. Have the most amazing day ever, you rockstar!


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